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A Personal trainer in Tel-Aviv is one of the most common services available in my brand-Yosport personal training. As part of the service, all workouts take place in your own comfortable location like home or your hotel room, outdoors, at the beach or the nearby park. Of course you are more than welcome to come and train with me in my private gym located in center of Tel Aviv. Although my natural service area is Tel Aviv and the nearby locations, I do offer my service in other places like Hertzlia, Givataim, Ramat Gan and other cities in the Dan Region. All workouts are perfectly suited to your needs, goals and your athletic and fitness level. The traditional workout Is a one on one kind of format but I do offer couples and group sessions for friends and families who want to exercise together.

Please let me share some additional information about myself and my professional education

My full name is Yossi Zeevi and I was born in 1979, I'm married and I'm a father to a gorgeous daughter. I graduated from the Wingate Institute back in 2009 where I got my personal training diploma. Since then, I keep up to date by taking courses every once in a while, which enables me to get all the recent knowledge and fitness trends out there. In my workout session I like to give my clients the opportunity to experiment with different kind of techniques and find out what works best for them. Some find traditional weight lifting as a great method while others are more into other methods like TRX training workouts for toning and crafting the body.

Great places for outdoor workouts in Tel Aviv

As a personal trainer who works mostly in Tel Aviv I know some awesome places where we can train at, so lets check out a few of them.

Old Jaffa Port

Old Jaffa Port- Facing Tel Aviv

Great spot to train at. A fine mix between old and new. The area on the upper hills provide some of the best sites Tel Aviv has to offer and where you can view most of the costal beach area.

 Old Jaffa Port- Facing Bat Yam

Tel Aviv Port

The north side of Tel Aviv offers great places to run and workout. The park connected to port (Tel-aviv Central park) is called HaYarkon Park.

Tel aviv Central Park

 Trx training in Tel Aviv

Located at the north side of Tel Aviv and covering central Tel Aviv all the way to Ramat Gan. The park offers some of the major running tracks Tel Aviv as to offer. At almost every kilometer or so, you can find some public workout spots with modern outdoor equipment. Of course, we can also tie up the TRX suspension trainer kit and have a full body workout.

Meir Gardens

Located near Dizengoff center shopping mall is a well balanced spot that mixes urban views With a countryside atmosphere. Although there isn’t any special running track, there is however, an equipped public workout spot area.

The Atzmaout (independence) Garden

Located half way between north and south where all the major hotels are. Nice place to have a running workout where you can mix in some resistance workout sessions in the public workout station located inside the garden.

Tel Aviv Promenade

All the way, from the old Jaffa Port to the Tel Aviv port you can run for about 5 kilometers.

Tel Aviv Promenade

At almost every kilometer you can stop to drink or train at public training spot.

Indoor workout

Gym workout and weight lifting

For some clients who prefer to work out in a gym I do offer a private, one on one session or a couples session in a private gym located in the middle of Tel Aviv. The gym, named "Training Room" is fully equipped with all recent machines and facilities any modern gym has to offer including locker rooms, where you can have a nice shower after your workout is done.

 training at a private gym

 Although this is my default gym for personal training sessions, we can train in other private gyms available in your area or as mentioned earlier we can have an indoor workout in your own apartment or hotel room, and of course all the equipment necessary comes with me.